We help women who feel like they have been dieting their whole life.

Make this the last diet you ever need!

Get fit, healthy and motivated with us!

The EC method is designed to guide, motivate and support you towards achieving your physique goals.


Many women have been on and off diets their whole lives. We want to change that. If this sounds like you then sign up for the free webinar.

Let us share with you how to move away form over restriction, from under fuelling, from yo-yo dieting.

Dieting doesn’t have to be unenjoyable.

We want to show you that you can lose fat, build muscle, improve your health & fitness and most importantly FEEL better about yourself WITHOUT compromising the rest of your life.

That’s how you achieve results that last and free yourself of a life of constantly dieting.

Webinar date: 27th September 7pm

When you sign up with us you will have FULL access to ‘The EC Method’ app where you will find:

Your weekly training plans (home, gym and somewhere in the middle workouts suitable for all abilities)

Your weekly nutrition targets and example meals plans.

A space to record your weight, activity, progress pictures, gym performance and more.

Chloe and Emma will answer your questions on the weekly Q&A podcast and support you with the community facebook page!

Having some structure, accountability and support is more important now than ever!

We are all in the same boat, so let’s get through this together and get in the best shape of our lives while we do it!

Next Start date : Oct 11th

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Join the EC method for only £22.50 a week for 8-weeks total

£180 for the results you've always wanted

About us:

Chloe and Emma have over 20 years combined experience in the fitness industry and have worked with 1,000’s of people to help them look and feel their best.

‘We want to push you physically and mentally as well as educate you along the way. We’ve been through all the diet fads and we have helped frequent dieters who have lost hope lose fat and keep it off!

Once you understand how to lose fat and what works for you, you will never have to jump on a fad diet ever again.’